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Golf I Register - Add car
The register is intended for any Golf I you have ever had, no matter if you still hold it, have sold or even scrapped it. If you submit your e-mail address you will receive a password that enables you to update your entry. Your e-mail adress will be kept private.

Fields marked * are optional.
Car data 
Type:   Golf
Golf Convertible
Model:   (e.g. S, L, LS, C, CL, GL, GTI...)
Note *:   (z.B. Sondermodell, Automatik...)
Vehicle Ident. No.:   (10-digit up to 1980, 17-digit afterwards)
Date of 1st Reg.:  
Exterior Color:   (Color name or code)
Engine:   l swept volume
HP engine output
engine code * (List of engines)
Mileage *:   (e.g. 136577, no dot, comma, or unit)
Image *:  
  Please choose an image from your local disk (JPEG/GIF/PNG, max. 100 KB, max. width/height 400 pixel). Please be patient during the upload. The upload time depends on the size of image and the bandwidth of your internet connection.
Owner's information 
E-mail Address *:  
Allow others to contact me (Your e-mail address is kept strictly private)
Location (Post code) *:   - (No city, please. Post code will not be exposed)
This car:   is currently hold by me
was formerly hold by me
was scrapped
was stolen
  By submitting this form you agree that the information entered above will be published on this website, except your e-mail address and post code that will be kept strictly private.
Security code:   (Please enter the code below. Why?)
  Please click only once!
Important note 
Your e-mail address will not be exposed to any visitor of this page. If you enable the 'allow others to contact me' option visitors can send a message to you. In any case your e-mail address remains private as well as your post code. The post code may be used to create map that does not allow to find out the location of a specific car. The last 3 figures of the VIN will be blacked out.
  Golf I Register
International Golf I Register for all Golf, Convertibles, Jetta and Caddy!
Add your car now!
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