1. Original Golf I IG e.V. 1. Original Golf I IG e.V.
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About 1. Original Golf I IG

The 1. Original Golf I Interessengemeinschaft e. V. (1st Original Golf I Community of Interest) was founded at September, 5th 1999. In the year 1999 the Golf became 25 and vehicles of the first type series make themselves scarce on our roads. The IG made it to its business to keep up original VW Golf built from 1974 to 1983 (resp. convertible to 1993) and its "relatives" Caddy, Rabbit, Caribe and Citigolf. The members of the IG share their experience and knowledge about the Golf I and assist each other with purchasing, maintaining and servicing their cars as well as obtaining spare parts.

Furthermore the 1. Original Golf I IG arranges a meeting every summer where all the members get together at least once a year. The members are spread all over germany and some neighbouring european countries.

Besides the opportunities offered by electronic communication the quarterly paper "Der Urgolfkurier" keeps up the contact among one another.

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